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I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. Those titles all defined me at different stages of my life, and I am to some extent defined by each, but in becoming a mother, that role has forever changed me as no other could.

It is a title that comes to women in many ways, but it is one that is never lost once bestowed, no matter how brief the time.

Motherhood gives us more than words can ever say; a special bond with another being, memories that we will carry with us as fresh as if they were yesterday, until the day we die and a love for another so strong that we would move earth and sky for.

It also takes so much of us in being a mother, our time, our energy, our love, our thoughts, our hopes and future, in those early days of motherhood, it can consume us and redefines us to our very core, and set us on a path to find our new identity within ourselves as time goes on.

I believe motherhood is a mix of instincts and learning, but women are often isolated now in today's society. Now we have to rely on our instincts more and learning from books, articles, and the internet. But while giving us access to endless information and misinformation and opinions aplenty they fall short of having the hands-on assistance of other experienced women to assist the mother, to support her, and give her confidence in her new role.

That's where a Doula could help...

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